Meet Rick Van Glahn

rvg_hq.jpgRick Van Glahn has been a New Jersey resident all of his life.  He was born in Jersey City and lived in Bergen County until his family moved to Montville in 1973.  He attended the County College of Morris and continued studying economics and finance at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

He married his wife, Peg, in 1990 and they have called Denville home for twenty-three years.  They have three sons, Johnnie, Richie, and Daniel.  Both Richie and Daniel have enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. Richie is still on active duty in Okinawa, Japan.

Rick has supported and cared for his family as a self-employed home improvement contractor in the Morris County area.  A business that he began in 1989, and continues to work at today.

He has always been engaged in the political goings-on in the state and around the country.  He likes to tell the story of when he and Peg were first married.  Rick took her to a rally on the steps of the State Capital to protest Jim Florio’s, the governor at the time, tax on toilet paper.  Peg knew there was something different about Rick when she agreed to marry him.  He really knew how to show her a good time! more about Rick and his family!

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